The date winds down. You linger outside a bar, a restaurant, in front of your car or doorway, watching his full lips, waiting, hoping for the passionate first kiss to seal the deal. The more you looked at those lips, the more you want that first soft brush of his lips. What will it feel like? Is he going to make a move? Is he shy? Does he not like you? It can be hard to tell if a guy wants to kiss you. 


Here’s 7 signs that will let you know a guy wants to kiss you:

He’s suddenly quiet

You two aren’t jumping into lockjaw if you’re both jabbering away. If you notice short moments of silence during your conversation when it seems like he has nothing to say or he’s thinking about something, this is a positive indicator he’s probably bucking up the courage to press his lips to yours or trying to create a sexy, romantic lull to do the deed. The next time he grows quiet, don’t get nervous and jump in and fill the space with chit chat. Just flash him a sexy, inviting smile.

He gets clumsy

If the cool guy you met starts stumbling over his words, it’s a very good sign he wants to pucker up. Watch his hands. If he’s picking at his beer label, fiddling with a napkin, or playing with his watch, he isn’t bored, he’s more than likely feeling nervous and gauging the right moment to make his move.

He can’t keep his paws off you

A brush of your arm, a palm resting on your knee, his hand on your back as you push through a crowd – these are all indicators that he’s itching to get closer to you. If he can’t control his hands, he can’t control his lips either.

He’s inches from you

If a guy uses the excuse that it’s loud and he can’t hear you so he cups his hand and talks into your ear, or he’s leaning in closer so his lips are only a few inches from yours, there’s a good chance he’s testing the waters. Rather than resisting by pulling back, invite him to close the space.

He notices your perfume

Did he really just stick his nose against your neck so he could smell your scent? If a guy says you smell nice he isn’t paying a compliment to Marc Jacobs. There’s even a good chance that he’s completely guessing that you are wearing perfume. Leaning in to inhale your fragrance gives a guy an excuse to get more intimate with you and test your comfort level. He’s seeing how you will react to an invasion of your personal space. Don’t panic (or jump the gun and think he’s some sort of women’s perfume expert), play it cool, smile and accept the flattery. He’s working up to the Hollywood kiss.

He’s watching your lips

Check to see where a guy is looking when talking to you. Don’t get annoyed if he’s not making direct eye contact during a conversation. If a man is mesmerized by your pout, good chance he is probably mesmerized by the thought of kissing you. Don’t laugh if a guy offers you a compliment such as, “Your lips are really beautiful.” Smile, glance to the ground, and then back up into his eyes. Dare him to come and see how beautiful those lips of yours taste.

He doing mouth 911

If you catch your cutie popping Altoids after eating, coating his lips in Chapstick, or slipping in a stick of spearmint between drinks, he might just be obsessed with fresh breath and healthy lips or he might be prepping to kiss you. Don’t be offended if you offers you a peppermint. Fresh breath is crucial for a first kiss and a guy won’t want to risk it.


What you can do to signal you want a lip collision

Men like a challenge, but they also want a girl who is attainable enough. Help a guy out a little by hinting with these subtle signals that there’s a good possibility of a ravenous make out in his future, and maybe, just maybe, he should take a shot at making his move.image_200x300_21

Draw his attention to your lips

Do little subtle things to shift his focus to your pout. Absently touch your mouth with your fingers, bite your bottom lip, or suck your drink through those little drink stir straws. Play up how kissable those lips of yours really are.

Touch him

Guys are more cautious to break the touch barrier. No guy wants to be a groper. Help a guy out. Go ahead and make this first move. Give a guy the green light by touching him innocently on the arm while he’s talking, ruffling his hair, poking him in the chest or giving his hip a friendly, little nudge after he says something funny. Touch creates intimacy and that warm and fuzzy zing of desire. 

Give Him a Little Sample of What It Could Be Like

Flirting is all about presenting the possibility of what might happen, without complete certainly. Sexual tension builds when a guy is hoping for a kiss from you, but he’s not sure he can get it. Flirting, you’re playfully difficult. You present him with a challenge. 

Magnetize a guy towards you using a flirting technique from my book called Push Pull. Give a guy a small taste of intimacy and then take that feeling away to kickstart the challenge and his urgency. When you are talking, lean in very close to the guy so your lips are only inches apart, smile coyly and then pull back. Push pull has a boomerang effect. He and his eager lips will follow you. 

Dillydally a Bit After A Hug

If he seems like he might be a slow learner, go in for a nice, long hug. Really linger and press your body to his to make that hug count. Rev up his libido.  Affectionately nuzzle into his shoulder and neck. Release him reluctantly, offering him plenty of opportunities to plant a wet one on you.

Modulate Your Volume

If you really want to get a little sneaky, try this next simple voice adjustment to get him to come to you. During a conversation with a guy, slowly and very subtly begin to lower the volume of your voice. Don’t act meek, still use the same confidence and emotion you normally would, just at a quieter tone. Like if you flipped the dial on an speaker down a few clicks. When a listener suddenly has a hard time hearing the other person, their natural tendency will be to lean in closer to understand the other person better. Modulating your volume draws him into your personal space and creates intimacy. 

When you speak next, lean in even closer and speak into his ear. Lightly brush your lips along his earlobe. Or cup your hand around his ear and softly breath as you speak. The ear is an often forgotten erogenous zone that can shoot those little lightening bolts of arousal up and down his body.



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