Uncover Secret Psychology That Turns A Man's Lust Into The Kind Of Love That Lasts A Lifetime...

Is there a guy you kind of like? Or really like? Or maybe even love? Does he know you exist? Does he like you the same way you like him? Has he asked you out? Is he ready to commit?

And let me ask you this...

What if you could make him crazy about you and only you?

Hi, I’m Evie Jasper. Hold that thought in your mind while I share this story with you...

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he pridefully told me, "I'm dating five other women."

He'd fall head over heels for a girl. But a few weeks later, his excitement waned and he'd move onto the new "it" girl.

Although he found his lifestyle fulfilling, he was open to a monogamous relationship. But he admitted, it would take a very special girl to make him want to commit to sleeping with one woman and one woman only.

A few months into getting to know one another, he told me...

You did something to me and I can't stop thinking about you.

“I had plans with one of my other girls.. But when I compared her to you, I canceled. I no longer found her appealing. Nor any of the others.

That big, bright spark of electricity I feel with a girl when first meeting her - the one that usually dies - just keeps getting stronger and stronger with you. It's as if you've put a spell on me."

Flattering, yes.

But the truth is this...

I built my approach to dating on a few proven psychological principles and a handful of observations about men.

By my students applying this simple method, they've experienced the love, happiness, and respect they deserve from the men they want.

What exactly is the method?

It comes down to understanding how the male mind really works and what makes men tick.

How The Male Mind Really Works

Often times, us women compare ourselves to other females. We think that if a woman's a better catch than us, men will choose her. And if we're a better catch than her, he'll choose us.

We think that if we do nice things for a guy, he'll want to date us.

We feel that if we give a guy good reasons why it's time for him to settle down, he will.

We believe that if we make a good argument why we're the best possible catch a guy can get, he'll want to be with us and only us forever.

Why do we do these things?

We wrongly assume that us women are driven by our emotions and men are driven by logic.

Doing these things rarely works because...

Men Aren't Romantically Driven By Logic.

The neuroscientist Paul MacLean discovered that the male brain comprises of three brains: the reptilian (dick thinking), mammalian (heart thinking), and neocortex (logical thinking).

Within the dating game, men mostly think with their dick, sometimes think with their heart, and rarely think with logic.


Dick Thinking

It's completely irrational and operates on two basic instincts: fear and desire.

When the dick interprets something as fearful, it attempts to fight it or run away from it.

When it interprets something boring or uninteresting, it ignores it.

And when it interprets something as exciting, novel, rare, or hard-to-get, it attempts to eat it, fuck it, or get possession of it.

Heart Thinking

Like the dick, the heart is completely irrational.

The heart makes a man feel a deep-seeded, emotional connection to you. One that goes beyond physical attraction.

It causes him to fall in love with you.

And compels him to want to be with you and only you forever.

Alas, most women don't know how to access a man's heart.

Shortly, I'll reveal exactly how to unlock his heart and make him yours.

Logical Thinking

Most people wrongly assume that logical thinking is responsible for the people we like, the actions we take, and the choices we make.

But men don't make decisions based on logic.

Instead, they use logic to help justify what their dick and heart already want to do.

Think about it: is it logic that makes you want a certain handbag or pair of shoes?

Nope. It's purely irrational.

Before you slap down your credit card, you'll come up with a slew of reasons to justify your purchase.

Men are the exact same way...

It isn't logic that attracts men to women.


It's Their Dick That Makes Men Like, Want, & Desire Us...

And It's Their Heart That Makes Them Love Us.

Ever wonder why men bend over backwards to please a woman who has nothing going for her besides her looks?

Her physical beauty clearly communicates to his dick that she's exciting, rare, novel, and hard-to-get.

When his dick receives this message, it signals his body to produce lust for her.

The lust prompts him to come up with logical reasons to help justify him pursuing her.

The harder he works to get her, the more lust he feels for her.


You'll Learn How To Directly Communicate With A Man's Dick & Make Him See You As Exciting, Novel, Rare, & Hard-To-Get.

Not only is this method easy to master but doesn't require good looks or beauty.

Once you've sparked lust in him, you can open his heart and spark feelings of love in him.

Inside You'll Learn How To Unlock His Heart, Fuse An Emotional Bond That Transcends The Physical, & Make Him Love You & Only You.

Hint: this technique works by directly communicating with his heart in a language it understands.

Before I reveal these secrets I want you to do a little exercise with me.




Take a moment & imagine your ideal dating life...

Whom are you dating?

How would you meet?

Where would he take you on your first date?

How does he make you feel about yourself?

And at what stage would you be right now in your relationship with him?

Now I want you to be brutally honest with me.

Over the course of the last year did you ever...

  • Feel annoyed that a guy didn't call or text you back?
  • Have a guy lose interest, disappear, or start seeing someone else?
  • Worry that you don't feel any spark with the men interested in you?
  • Date a guy who became less and less present and marginalized your importance?
  • Fear your current boyfriend is a commitment phoebe?
  • Find your perfect guy but he didn’t show any signs that you’re his perfect girl
  • Suspect men don't see you as "relationship" material?
  • Worry that if you tell him what you really want he'll think you're needy, pathetic, pushy, and delusional?
  • Worry that you'll pick the wrong guy yet again?
  • Worry that you'll settle for less than you deserve or end up alone?

Now after answering these questions, does your dating life over the past year match your ideal dating life?


3 Simple Steps That Make Men Crazy About You For A Year, A Decade, Or Even A Lifetime...

Remember: It isn't rational, clear-headed thinking that piques a man's romantic interest in a girl.

To capture a man's interest, you must communicate to his dick in a language it understands.

Once he's sexually interested in you, you can turn his lust into love by communicating to his heart in a language it understands.

I've uncovered a system that does this called...

The 3L Method:


Lures him in by getting his dick's attention.


Spark lust in him by speaking to his pecker in a language it understands.


Turn his lust into love by communicating to his heart in a language it understands.

The 3L Method not only makes men lust after you...

But also causes them to develop real feelings for you...

And gives you the power to take your relationship with them in the direction you want.

In fact...

The 3L Method has brought so much love, joy, and happiness to my life, I couldn't help but share it with friends.

And sure enough, it brought them the same love, joy, and happiness I was experiencing.

Since then, I've been sharing The 3L Method with thousands of women from around the world.

Here's What A Few Ladies Had To Say About The 3L Method...

I found my Soul Mate...

I never felt comfortable flirting until i got to know a guy. And you guessed it. The guys I liked never liked me back. Sooo frustrating.

But your 3L Method changed everything. In fact, it got me my soul mate. And we are going two years strong..

Nora From Chicago

I got engaged to an awesome man...

Hey Lady,

He just popped the question...

And I said, "Hell Yes."

We connect on every level. With no need to play games or pretend to be someone I'm not. All thanks to your 3-L method.

Rachel from Encino

3L Method gets the job done...

Been thru the Rules, Why Men Love Bitches, and about a dozen other dating books. While they have some good advice, they make things too complicated and advocate playing games. Your 3L Method is simple, so effective, tons of fun, and gets the job done. Just love it.

Julie from Arizona

And There's Good News...

I've put together a book called "Real Men In" that teaches you the entire 3L Method.

I've got terrible ADD and hate needlessly complicated things.

That's why I've simplified the entire method into small actionable steps that get you the results you want with the men you want.

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Here's a Sneak Peek At What You'll Learn Inside The Real Men eBook...



Step 1: How To Lure Him In And Get His Attention..


If a fisherman wants to catch a fish, he needs to capture its attention.

Fly fishermen do this by using a shiny, tantalizing lure.

Meeting men isn't much different than fishing.

To pique a man's interest you need his dick's attention.

The Dick Brain initially interprets you through three basic categories:

1) Something boring.

2) Something intimidating.

3) Something desirous.

Category one causes him to ignore you, category two causes him to avoid you, and category three gets his attention.

The dick brain isn't much different from the fish brain.

To get the dick brain's attention and make him see you as desirous, you need to turn yourself into a shiny, tantalizing lure.

You do this by communicating to his dick that you're novel, rare, and hard-to-get.

But you're not out of the woods yet.

I recently surveyed 250 men and discovered that the majority approach only 50% of the women they're interested in.

Put simply, a whopping 50% of potential love affairs, relationships, and marriages never materialize because half the time men are too intimidated to approach.

The chilling truth: When most men are under pressure to approach a girl, their dick goes into fight-or-flight mode and they end up chickening out.

Some women muster up the courage to approach men.

Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 they give off a desperate energy and send men running.


If you initiate a conversation with a man the right way, he'll see you as desirous and want to pursue you.

Inside Real Men In, you'll discover my entire formula for initiating conversations with men in a way that instantly turns you into a shiny lure they want to chase.

The best part?

You don't need to act slutty or have good looks for this to work.


Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You'll Learn For Luring Men In...

  • Unicorn theory - this makes men three times more sensitive and attracted to the qualities that make you unique and special.
  • Why the "Ryan Gosling Dream" ruins most women's love life (and a key secret to luring in the men who match both your physical and emotional type).
  • 4 little known secrets that make you the most alluring woman at any type of social gathering.
  • A sneaky way to sexually lure a man in, while also summoning the respect you deserve.
  • Six mistakes women make when approaching men - this instantly turns men off and kills attraction. (Inside you'll learn how to avoid these mistakes like the plague.)
  • Untapped locales for meeting high-quality men most women don't know about.
  • 5 ways to approach any man and in any situation that quickly lure him in and take rejection and embarrassment out of the equation. (Inside you'll also get exercises for mastering each type of opener.)
  • How to find and use a good wing woman to help you meet and lure in the men you desire.
  • My entire method for developing a classy wardrobe that visually triggers the dick brain and lures men in. (Hint: this has nothing to do with dressing slutty, trashy, or classless.)
  • 7 exercises that replace your anxiety, insecurities, and self-consciousness with the kind of confidence that lures men in.
  • The Damsel In Distress - do this and he will feel needed and appreciated (These two key elements lure him in by making him see your Femininity and feel his Masculinity. Attention strong women: this has nothing to do with acting weak or helpless.)
  • The "Noose Around The Neck" technique - use this to stop unwanted females from stealing the guy you want.




Step 2: How To Trigger Lust In The Men You Want...


The shinny lure gets the fish's attention.

But to get the fish on the hook....

You need to make the fish chase the lure.

Similarly, you need make the man chase the lure - namely you.

How do you make the man chase the lure?

Think of what fisherman do. When they reel in the lure a bit, the fish chases it. They let out some line. Making the fish think that it has a real chance at getting it. And then they reel in the line again compelling the fish to chase it even harder.

When you do this to men, the same thing happens.

The process is simple...

1) Pull away and he'll chase you.

2) Before he grows frustrated, show some interest. (This builds his confidence and makes him think you're attainable. )

3) Pull away again and watch him chase you even harder.

The harder he chases, the more lust he feels for you.


Inside You'll learn How To Fill A Man's Body From Head-To-Toe With Lust For You.



Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You'll Learn For Triggering Lust In Men...

  • My entire A-Z Method for triggering lust in men - this brings out a man's fun and playful side and triggers the type of lust that makes him have eyes for you and only you.
  • A simple trick you can use tonight that riles men up and compels them to flirt with you.
  • The curve ball - this communicates directly with his dick brain and fills him from head-to-toe with lust for you.
  • How to answer his ordinary questions in a way that builds sexual tension
  • And how to ask questions that put him on the spot and compel him to banter with you.
  • A simple trick that makes him see you as fun and playful.
  • And this same trick will loosen up an uptight guy and bring out his playful side.
  • 18 challenges that bring out a man's fun, flirty, and playful side and make him prove his worthiness to you. (Warning: these challenges will make men pursue you hard. If you don't like the guy, don't use them.)
  • The nonverbal side to flirting - most of communication is nonverbal. (In this section you'll learn how to make him feel that magical spark by using nothing more than your body language.)
  • A naughty and slightly evil tactic that makes men work like dogs to please you in the bedroom.





Step 3: How To Turn A Man's Lust Into Love...

The fisherman doesn't have a catch until the fishy bites down on the lure and he reels it in.

Likewise, a man isn't yours until he bites down on the lure and you reel him in.

This happens when his lust grows into love.

Lust is a prerequisite for love: if a man doesn't have sexual feelings for you, he won't develop romantic feelings.

But here's where things can get confusing...

When a guy's gaga over us, we think sooner than later his lust will turn into love on its own.

But more often than not, it doesn't

Instead, he eventually loses interest, pulls a Houdini, and disappears.

Don't Expect A Man's Lust To Develop Into Love On Its Own...

You Need To Take Action & Turn His Lust Into Love On Your Own.

How do you do that?

By using my Lust-Into-Love System.

The Lust-Into-Love System uses little known psychology to tap into a man's heart brain, turn his lust into love, and make him yours.

Inside You'll Learn My Entire Lust-Into-Love System...


Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You'll Learn For Turning Lust Into Love...

  • How to give him the gift of missing you. (With each passing moment, this makes his heart grow fonder - inside you'll discover the right way to do this.)
  • A simple test that reveals if he's a player or a good guy with relationship potential. (And three secrets words that bring out the good guy in even the most hardened players.)
  • How to use each one of your quirks and embarrassing habits to trigger the heart brain and turn a man's lust for you into love.
  • A wickedly powerful technology that makes guys prove to you that they're the man of your dreams from the moment you meet them.
  • The three crucial things you need to convey to a man to turn his lust into love. (Most women do the opposite and end up turning a man's lust into disgust.)
  • The "I like You... maybe" technique - this lets him know your obtainable but hard-to-get and makes him see you as more special than other women.
  • 5 secrets that make him invest time and effort into seeing you and spending time with you. (The harder he works, the deeper his feeling for you become. Eventually he'll think to himself, I love this girl.)
  • How to turn a friend into lover without risking rejection.
  • A two-step method that turns a causal lover into a caring boyfriend.
  • How to fuse the kind of connection with a man that goes beyond lust and creates lasting love that lasts a life time.


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Inside each volume of the Dating Academy, you'll learn new dating techniques that build on the 3L Method and develop your confidence.

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Bonus # 2

Evie's 5-Step Method For

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Real Men In eBook - My complete A-Z system for luring in the men you want, sparking lust in their loins, and turning that lust into love that lasts a lifetime.

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