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Uncover the most effective but best kept secrets that most women don't know
• discover a few short words that make him beg for your phone number
• find out what he's thinking
• get a fun and easy exercise that doubles your self confidence
• learn a simple trick that makes him think about you over and over again

I hate spam as much as you do. I respect your email privacy. I will only send you quality dating articles filled with oodles of relationship advice and quirky stories. Good stuff. I will not rent, share, or sell your information to a third party. Period.


image_200x300_15If you asked me to place an ad for the man of my dreams, I wouldn’t seek Prince Charming. If some big chinned hero-type rode in on his big, white steed, jabbed some glass stiletto on my foot, and tossed me over his back, proclaiming me ‘saved,’ I’d sound the rape whistle and send him packing on his merry way. For one, a horse? Who is he trying to impress? Upgrade to a unicorn, at the very least an economical Prius. Two, has he not considered how glass will totally clash with my bohemian rocker vibe? Three, who says I needed saving? And don’t get me started on riding off into the sunset. That sounds downright desolate and boring. What could possibly be out there besides a Shell station with some stale hotdogs and a mouth breather McDonalds? Give me unpredictability, I say. Sign me up for a bit of danger. I want adventure, gosh darn it. And maybe a bandit hat I could pose in for selfies. My ad would call for a Partner in Crime. Clyde to my Bonnie. Destro to my Baroness. An equal to share in the shenanigans. Though, I have a feeling we’d write our own story and never get caught.

Several years ago I found my co-conspirator, my partner in crime, the guy I’ve jokingly nicknamed ‘Trouble.’ Together, we get away with a lot and have a good, hearty chuckle after. I found the kind of happiness I was always searching for, the kind of love I didn’t even know was possible, because I decided to make a change.evie_7

Hi! I’m Evie Jasper!

I’m here to share my success with you.

I’m a gal who helps smart and successful women understand relationships and men. Find someone who ‘gets’ them. Attract the one they want to share their life with.

My book Real Men In, blog and hours upon hours of material and exercises in my Dating Academy are based on what I call the 3 L Method, a dating system which I have been teaching my friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends for the past decade. First off, I’ll tell you I’m not your typical dating coach. This isn’t a husband hunting guide. This isn’t one of those books where I’m going to tell you not to sleep with a guy for 30 days. I promise we’ll only talk of ‘fate’ sarcastically. And I’ll use lots of unicorn and cat lady references.

The truth is I’ve always been intrigued by the way men and women interact. I’m a tester of techniques and theories. A cheerleader for passion. At times, my own guinea pig. I hope to offer up a different prespective. Give you the fundamentals and tools to finally understand and start doing all the right things that will get you to an incredible man you can share your life with. And share some entertaining, insightful stories from my friends and I along the way.

We all want to feel loved and appreciated, respected, admired, and with someone who we feel understands us and loves us not matter what. Unfortanatley many women struggle with dating. Men don’t call them back. Men avoid commitment. Men cheat. Or the men they do want don’t want them.

Are there things about meeting or attracting men that baffle or frustrate you? Do you ever fear the guys you like don’t like you back? Do you ever think you aren’t pretty enough, skinny enough, or fun enough to catch the men you want? Are you worried you’ll pick the wrong guy again? Your current boyfriend is a commitment phobe? Have men disappeared on you in the past and you didn’t know why? Have you ever worried you’ll settle for less? Or worse, end up alone?

Well, you’re not alone.

And you can do something about the struggles or frustrations you’ve felt with men. You can decide to make a change in the way you interact with men and how you approach relationships.

That’s where I’m here to help.

The goal of my book Real Men In is to arm you with an advantage. Meeting men doesn’t have to be a frustrating and disappointing process. If you’re proative and possess the know-how, it’s simple. And quite fun and empowering. With my method you will meet, attract, and trigger those long-term feelings of love with not just the men who approach you, but the men you want. My technique breaks standard convention and it’s not for everyone. What I do strive to do is offer a new perspective, fresh solutions, and immediate results in the way men react and connect with you.

And never fear, my program comes with a bonified risk-free guarantee. There’s even a nifty 60-day guarantee badge on my sales page. So you can try the course yourself and decide if the results are really working for you.

So welcome to my site! Grab a glass of wine. Or some sparkling water. Let’s go reel some real men in!


Secret Shame: Singing in the Car. Loudly. To Britney Spears.

Hobbies: Traveling, jogging, reading very, very high brow novels and then switching to something with a pink or blue cover, drooling over my latest online shopping obsession, eating fistfuls of stinky cheese

As a kid I: Ruled at Contra! I still know the secret code.

First Crush: Darth Vador. I was 6 years old. What can I say? He had a good theme song.

Dog or Cat: Wolf?

Bad Habit: Who made the rule that cookie dough can’t be a meal?

Celebrity Girl Crush: Tie between Zooey Deschanel and Emma Stone

I wish I: had a pet squirrel I could name Skippy.